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Scandal! - Episode 2575
SCANDAL! is a half hour soap opera broadcast daily (Monday to Friday) on etv at 19h30 with an omnibus of the week's episodes every Sunday. Set in the contrasting environments of the ever developing, trendy Newton precinct and working class Soweto, its characters are brought together via their links to Nyathi Family Holdings (NFH), a media company which publishes a newspaper with a social conscience, The New Voice, a tabloid, Secrets and, of course, the glitzy gossip mag, Scandal! Through characters ranging from cleaners to CEOs, drivers and receptionists to journos and editors, security guards to shareholders, township scholars to rural royalty, gangsters to detectives, barmen to night club owners, small business operators to moguls both illegitimate and legit, a large percentage of the vast spectrum of South African society is represented along with many of the country's official languages, including English, IsiZulu, IsiXhosa, Sesotho, Setswana, TshiVenda, Sepedi and Afrikaans. SCANDAL! deals with the lives and relationships of this spectrum of characters through high stakes, edge-of-the-seat crime stories, moving family and human dramas, heart wrenching and heart-warming romances, light and frothy comedy, delicious tales of backstabbing and bitchery and sexy scandals. Common to all stories is their talkability and believability which are based in the truth of South African experience, from which South Africans from all walks of life and social strata can recognise their lives. In depicting the existence of the poor and struggling, the idea that aspiring to greater things is ever present, while in the cases of the wealthy and famous (or infamous) disaster and loss hover at their doors and sometimes cross their thresholds, turning lives upside down and establishing new social, financial and moral pecking orders.