Vernon "Stokkies" Jacobs

About the Character

Stokkies entered our world when Lucas Nyathi went to prison and he subsequently became Lucas’ informant and ally. He is a loveable character, yet corrupt. After their release from prison, Lucas got Stokkies a job at Safe ‘n Clean, with the condition that Stokkies should spy on the shareholders of NFH, the media company Lucas lost and wants to regain. Stokkies eagerly complied. Although he comes across as a happy-go-lucky guy, he has a dark side to him which is visible once he is crossed. Stokkies hides the fact his family want nothing to do with him because of the unforgivable deed he committed which landed him in prison. More than anything, Stokkies wants to be reunited with his family, especially his sister, Yolandi. In the meantime, Stokkies happily plays the role of double agent.