Quinton Nyathi

About the Character

Quinton is everybody’s go-to man. He’s an exciting character with a great articulation of other languages. He always sees the silver lining. Though within the space of a year Quinton went through life-changing and tragic experiences that somewhat matured his outlook on life. First he met his mother, Layla MacKenzie, a woman whom he had thought abandoned him when he was a baby. But when they were reunited after Layla came back to claim her inheritance left by Q’s grandfather, they both discovered the manipulations that Quinton’s grandmother had played between them and that his mother didn’t really abandon him. Though Q still carries the emotional scars from his childhood, he has learnt to forgive Layla and the two have slowly grown together as mother and son.


A short time after Q was introduced to his father, after Layla had encountered him by pure accident. Q’s father is Cain Gumede, the real Daniel Nyathi. Both Q and Layla found out the truth that Cain was deceived by Daniel and left to rot for a decade in a Brazilian prison whilst Daniel assumed his identity and NFH. Q realized too that his father was on a revenge mission against Daniel (Cain kidnapped and tortured Daniel) and even tried to help his father flee when it seemed the police were closing in, but Cain was a man far-gone and hell-bent on vengeance and refused this, eventually being shot and killed by Mangi – who was trying to protect his own father from being killed. Q has since forgiven Mangi for this, but the dynamic between the friends (and cousins) has never been the same since.