Ndumiso Ngcobo

About the Character

Ndumiso is a happy-go-lucky sort of fellow, going anywhere the wind blows. He, like Gloria, is always planning for his big break and the two are usually involved in various money-making schemes together. Ndu has a heart of gold though, caring for the plight of others, and is loyal to friends and family. 
Ndumiso is Kila’s younger brother, and is often scolded by Kila for his care-free ways. Ndumiso has a business management diploma which he studied for in KZN, but when he came to Johannesburg he soon found out this didn’t count for much as it was from a fly-by-night college. Ndu didn’t let this deter him though, and being a natural hustler, never finds it too difficult to get work.
At one stage, Ndu tried being Lindiwe’s manager when the young girl wanted to pursue a singing career, but when Lindiwe’s father put his foot down on this, Ndu had to let it go, though he still secretly sent her demo into a singing competition anyway.