Eddie Khumalo

About the Character

Eddie grew up during the times of Apartheid in South Africa. His first wife, Rose, died from cancer and as a result Eddie threw himself into the bottle and became an alcoholic. His young daughter, Lolo, had to take care of dad and herself. 


Eddie married Maletsatsi who was a sex worker at the time. He is a good husband and loving stepfather and step-grandfather to Palesa and Lefa respectively. 


They used to live in a flat in Newtown but Eddie longed for a sense of community so they moved to Orlando, Soweto. Eddie gets along well with everyone and is respected by most, not only within NFH but within the broader community. He has published a book entitled ‘Yesterday’s Future’ and has always been a mentor to his journalists.


His arch enemy is Daniel Nyathi whom he distrusts and tries to expose as a criminal and fraud but Daniel is always a step ahead. With the recent Cain Gumede saga, Eddie thought he would finally be able to pull the rug out from under Daniel’s whole charade, but as it turned out Mangi (who was under major duress at the time) told the police that Cain was Lucas. Knowing that the truth would contradict Mangi and possibly provide the police with a motive for premeditated murder as to why he shot and killed Cain, both Eddie and Stan decided it was best to keep Daniel’s secret for the sake of protecting Mangi. However, Eddie has made it clear to Daniel that should Eddie find out Daniel has crossed the line again, he will come down hard on Daniel and make sure he faces justice. 


Eddie is a respected journalist, father, friend and husband. He is a reformed alcoholic and recently overcame prostate cancer. He is highly intellectual and has won many awards; he has a strong code of ethics and has numerous fights with management on which stories to publish.