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12 August 2019

Phakade finally gets what’s due to him and Nkululeko sees the cufflinks. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.


Phakade realises who stole the contract and resort to confront them.
Seeing her mother’s faith slowly deteriorating, Khanyo tells KaMadonsela to stand firm in her beliefs. Futhi on the other hand believes a Sangoma can do better than her prayers and resorts to bringing in MaKhumalo to help Donsi.
Shria is blaming herself that Mira did not tell them about the Abuse and Navin calls on Buhle’s phone looking for Mira.


After getting the contract from MaNdlovu Phakade decides to protect her and asks Donsi to do the same.
Finally Phakade gets what is his, now Ngcolosi owns 26% of the shares at Maluju while Phakade has 25%.
When Navin is about to kill Mira, Phunyuka comes in to save the day. Navin is arrested but still threatens Mira that it is far from over.


Phakade’s faction of the V=Bhengu family, celebrates after his final acquaintance of 25% stake at Maluju.
Khanyo calls for a prayer meeting, but everything is ruined when Futhi brings muthi for KaMadonsela.
Mira receives a strange gift.


Phakade appeals to MaNdlovu to be fair and not take sides.
Nkululeko sees the cufflinks and Zimele changes his will. Futhi and Khanyo are still at loggerheads and the feud gets worse when Khanyo refuses to let Donsi use the muthi.
Mira breaks down and thinks death will be better than living.


Zakithi tells Nkululeko they are related.
Zakithi tries to convince Nkululeko to keep the truth a secret. KaMadonsela is kicked out of church by Phakade.
Navin attacks Buhle at her home. Mira sees Navin’s gun and hides it but what for?

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