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10 June 2019

MaZulu’s frustration heightens upon discovering that Zandile is pregnant. Imbewu weekdays at 9:30PM.


MaZulu thinks she has won and plans a celebration but stumbles upon discovering that Zandile is truly pregnant.

Zakithi is frustrated with Manqoba and starts venting to Nkululeko about him, this however does not bother Manqoba and he tells Nkululelo to back off.


MaZulu’s frustrations grow after making false accusations against Zandile and she seeks council from Phakade. Mmmm how will Donsi react to this?

Futhi is convinced that Thenjiwe is running a Ponzi scheme and is determined to prove it.

Manqoba and Zakithi hits a brick wall and Zakithi asks for a break.


Ngcolois suggest that it might be best if MaZulu moves out, but Zandile does not support that.

Zethu begs Lindo to help Phunyuka with a job at Emsamo. Can you imagine Phunyuka as a waiter? Or maybe he’ll be the bouncer.

Manqiba comes begging to Nkululeko and pleads with him to stalk Zakithi for him, but things take a turn as Nkululeko and Zakithi find themselves almost kissing.


Thenjiwe is always up to something and this time uses Zakithi to uplift her status.

Phunyuka struggles with his guilt.

Things gets awkward between Zakithi and Nkululeko following their encounter plus Manqoba wants an update on how things worked out.


Zandile wants to leave but Ngcolosi won’t allow her.

Ngcolosi breaks MaZulu’s heart when he declares his love for Zandile and ends up in bed with her.

Nomusa wants to sabotage Thenjiwe.

Nkululeko and Zakithi agree to be friends, but how long will they keep on denying their “feelings” for each other?

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