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This week on Scandal!

10 December 2018

Quinton plays with fire, Samson wants to 'lay his hands' on some money and Xolile receives some news about Chumani. Scandal!, weekdays at 7:30PM.


An officer's temper almost gets him in trouble with the law and he resorts to a shocking tactic to dissuade an ally from a dangerous course of action. A holy man offers to cure a woman's affliction with an unholy practice. A cyber genius comes up with a crafty way to catch an unsuspecting target.


A man is willing to die for a cause. Stokkies speaks up for others but it comes back to bite him. Romeo's plan is diverted when someone makes a discovery.


A plan is finalised and the seriousness of the situation dawns on Quinton. Samson wants to 'lay his hands' on hard earned savings and shares his holy intentions with Zinzile. Romeo's catfishing plan is discovered and he has to promise to make amends.  



Quinton plays with fire and Lerumo's worried that he will get burned. A mutual acquaintance makes alarm bells ring for both Gloria and Phindile. Xolile receives some news about Chumani from Boniswa.


Quinton takes a huge and dangerous risk in order to make matters right. Phindile struggles to understand exactly whether the Pastor was harming her or healing her? Romeo gets the prey in the net and prepares to have fun.   

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