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#ChicagoPD season 3 comes to a heart-stopping end

18 June 2018

Don’t miss the season finale of Chicago P.D. on Tuesday, 19 June at 8:30PM.

Tonight, Hank is worried that Justin might be hanging out with the wrong crowd again and asks him why he’s been in and out of town recently. But Justin tells his dad he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Hank then gets called out to a murder scene where a woman’s body was found in the back of her car with her hands tied with barbed wire and her neck slit.

When Mouse discovers that the telephone records of the woman named Melissa, show that she and Justin knew each other and that they’ve been in contact right before she was murdered, things start to get intense!

Hank tries to get hold of Justin, but there’s no answer. After tracking his car, Hank and Lindsay find Justin in the trunk in a similar position as Melissa and they also discover that he’s been shot.

A furious Hank then vows to do everything in his power to bring Justin and Melissa’s attackers to book.

Will Justin survive the brutal attack? But more importantly, will Hank and the Intelligence Unit find the people responsible?

Watch the video below: 

Set your reminders as you do not want to miss the epic season finale at 8:30PM.

But that’s not all folks. Season 4 of Chicago P.D. will premiere next week on Tuesday, 26 June at 8:30PM! You’re welcome.