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This week on Scandal!

Lwazi Mluma |
28 March 2018

Conflict arises between brother and sister over a notorious new love interest. Scandal! weekdays at 7:30PM.

Quinton is forced to agree to an unwanted strategy which leads to a secret victory for someone close to him. A suitor realises he has a way to go before he wins over the parent of the subject of his perceived affection. A girlfriend learns that her boyfriend is lying to her but she doesn't know why.

A man, hell-bent on revenge, overplays his hand and his victim becomes suspicious. Conflict arises between brother and sister over a notorious new love interest. Javas is forced to come clean to one person and another is onto him.

A man becomes convinced that a family member is the architect of his downfall. Parents decide to take strategic action with their daughter's new, unsuitable date. A young woman finds out that her boyfriend's strange behaviour is not all it seems.

This is what happened last week on Scandal!

An unlikely alliance is forged and unearths the first real clue towards solving a major mystery. An opportunity to rekindle an old flame arises, but comes with a diabolical asking price. A family dinner gets off to an awkward start when a line is drawn in the sand. A well-meaning party decides to go behind their family's back in the name of love.

A dangerous proposition prompts someone to choose a side in a building conflict. A family relationship is strained by two new romantic relationships. Some unusual behaviour raises eyebrows in another family home.

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