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#etvCaseClosed: A murder mystery

13 March 2018
Case Closed

Betty Ketani’s killers were apprehended some 17 years after she was murdered. Case Closed, Tuesdays at 9:30PM.

In 1999, Betty Ketani, a Johannesburg restaurant chef was reported missing. She was originally from the Eastern Cape, but was in the city for work. The police searched for her whereabouts for years, but no one could tell what happened. It was only in 2012 that the case was resuscitated under bizarre circumstances.


A Johannesburg resident had been renovating his home when he discovered a letter hidden under his living room carpet. The letter detailed how a chef was abducted and killed by the owner of the restaurant the victim had been working for.

Strangely, the author of the letter signed it and wrote his name. The police linked the letter to the previous owner of the house where the note was found. Six people, including two police officers were arrested.


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