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5 Things you’re going to love about #etvPower

12 January 2018

We just watched the first episode and man are you guys about to be hyped! Power starts on Wednesday, 17 January at 9:30PM.

1. The soundtrack
With 50 Cent as creator and executive producer what else did we expect but the absolute finest hip-hop beats as the soundtrack. Pure fire!

2. The opening sequence
Damn! This image quality is of the highest order. With visuals like this, we already know Mzansi is going to be hooked to this top notch production value.

3. The plot is thick from the get-go
This crime drama starts off with an already thick and twisted plot. We can’t imagine where to from here but we can’t wait to find out.

4. Compelling characters
None of that one-dimensional, predictable acting or character development here. We’re talking complex, contradictory and gloriously messy characters we can’t wait for you to meet.

5.  Adult-only scenes
If you know what we mean? *Wink Wink* But seriously, there are some sexy stuff going on here so make sure the kids are fast asleep before you tune in.

Don’t miss the premiere of Power on Wednesday, 17 January at 9:30PM. #etvPower