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Meet the Shades of Blue cast

15 January 2018

Shades of Blue premieres on Monday, 15 January at 8:30PM.

In just a few days, we’ll get to see the 64th Precinct Street Crimes detective squad in action. But in the meantime, let’s get to know them.

Here’s the cast of Shades of Blue.

Jennifer Lopez (Detective Harlee Santos)

She’s a bad ass officer of the 64th Precinct’s Street Crimes detective squad.  She finds herself in a difficult position when she’s forced to work with the FBI’s anti-corruption task force while dealing with her own financial and family problems. She’s also a single mother to a 16 year old daughter named Cristina.

Ray Liotta (Lieutenant Matt Wozniak)

The commander of the 64th Precinct’s Street Crimes detective squad. He’s the main target in a FBI corruption investigation and he’s very close to Detective Harlee and her daughter.

Drea de Matteo (Detective Tess Nazario)

A tough as nails detective who is very loyal to 64th Precinct Street detective family.

Warren Kole (Special Agent Robert Stahl)

An FBI agent in charge of the Anti-Corruption Task Force who develops an obsession with Harlee.

Hampton Fluker (Detective Marcus Tufo)

A playboy whose sexual activities often get him into trouble.

Vincent Laresca (Detective Carlos Espada)

He’s a tough guy who always tries to do the right thing. He also has romantic feelings for his married female partner.

Sarrah Jeffery (Cristina Santos) 

Detective Harlee’s 16 year old daughter who aspires to be a musician.

Don’t miss the premiere of Shades of Blue season one on Monday, 15 January at 8:30PM.