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#ChicagoPD finale

28 November 2017

In the final episode of season 2 – Detective Erin Lindsay is spiraling out of control. Tune in at 8:30PM.

Erin is having a tough time dealing with Nadia’s death and blames herself for her murder.  

She starts visiting her mother at the bar where she drinks way more than she should. This also results in her arriving late at work every morning and Voight is not happy!

He calls her into his office and informs her that they’re working on a big case and he’s not sure if he can rely on her, but Erin gives him her word and promises that she’s focused. 

But while working on the case involving a group of corrupt cops, things don’t go according to plan and Lindsay shoots one of them. Voight tells her she has to undergo a drug test, which is protocol after you fired your weapon. 

What Voight doesn’t know is that Erin is deliberately delaying the urine test because she partied up a storm with Landon the night before and they did drugs too.

Lindsay then makes an emotional decision.

You do not want to miss the riveting season finale of Chicago P.D. at 8:30PM! #ChicagoPD