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#HostagesFinale: Will Ellen kill the President?

Tebogo Rapoone |
20 September 2017

Don’t miss the highly-anticipated finale of the drama-series Hostages on Wednesday, 20 September at 8:30PM.

We’re sure gonna miss seeing Duncan and dr. Ellen, but don’t be too sad as we’ve got your back!

Season 2 of Zoo will be replacing Hostages and starts next week Wednesday, 27 September at 8:30PM.

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Tonight on the season finale it’s the day of the President’s surgery and various plans are put in motion.

Just before the surgery begins, the First Lady approaches Ellen.

Does she know about Ellen and Duncan’s plan?

Meanwhile, the men Duncan paid to cause a distraction at the hospital move into position after passing themselves off as Secret Service agents.

Can they pull it off?

Duncan is still trying to free his family who was kidnapped by Blair. Will he be reunited with his wife and daughter?

Don’t miss the finale of Hostages on Wednesday, 20 September at 8:30PM. #Hostages