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3 Reasons why you must watch the #HostagesFinale

20 September 2017

After 14 thrilling episodes of Hostages, we’ve finally reached the series finale.

Watch the Hostages series finale on Wednesday, 20 September at 8:30PM.

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These are the reasons why you must watch the finale:

1. The storyline

We couldn’t help but be captivated by the storyline. The Sanders have been kept hostage by Duncan, Archer, Kramer, and Sandrine for months in a plot to assassinate the American president. In the series finale things are about to heat up indefinitely.

2. The big reveal

In the series finale, President Paul Kincaid is undergoing surgery, while various plots from Blair and Duncan are still in motion. Blair is still trying to go ahead with the original plan of assassinating the president and Duncan is trying to save his family. We can’t reveal much, but things will unfold in a very interesting way.

3. It’s the series finale

This is the one and only season of the series ever made and as far as we know there are no plans for another one. So don’t miss it!

Watch the video below:

How do you think it’s going to play out?

Watch the series finale of Hostages, Wednesday at 8:30PM. #Hostages