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#HustleFinale: The big reveal

Lwazi Mluma |
22 April 2017

Kitt is faced with an exposé and Kedi is desperate to make bail. Don’t miss the finale of Hustle, tonight at 9:30PM. 

After an exhilarating 26 episodes packed with humour, mystery and the ups and the downs of the music industry, we finally say goodbye to #etvHustle.

It all started when Kitt Khambule planned to make a big come back in the music industry. But, soon her life was followed by horror, drug over use and murder. All that… saw her family being dragged into her horrid life.

Just when we thought she had her life back on track, drugs took over, she got hospitilised and it was revealed that she had a daughter whom she gave away.

Duma had it all and lost it all – his luxurious life, record label and all the money. Thanks to his devious wife, Kedi, who thought she had gained it all.

But Kedi was later framed for dealing drugs by Kitt and Thuli. She was sentenced to prison, and now, she’s desperate for public exposure and bail.

So, where do we go when the music is over?

Catch the big reveal on the #HustleFinale, tonight at 9:30PM.