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Hustle: Show and Tell

Lwazi Mluma |
12 April 2017

Slyza Records scores a financial partner and Duma finds a way to bring Kitt’s daughter into the family. Hustle, Mondays at 9:30PM. 

Thuli’s efforts of bringing back Slyza Records have finally paid off. The team has even scored a new financial investor and its back to business as usual.

After trying to locate Kitt’s daughter, Duma finally succeeds. But now he needs a way of bringing them together. Oh and by the way, the child is as talented as her mother.

So, with Slyza up and running, Duma decides to sign Kitt’s daughter to his label. He appoints Kitt to produce her music. On the contrary, Kitt is just not feeling the girl’s voice and she thinks she is not talented enough.

When will Kitt find out she is actually mentoring her own daughter?

Catch the whole story on Hustle, Mondays at 9:30PM. #etvHustle