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Draganov plans to kill Duma

Lwazi Mluma |
20 March 2017

If Kitt and Xolani don’t come up with the money, Draganov will murder Duma. Hustle, Mondays at 9:30PM. 

Thuli tells Kitt she wants to help her get rid of Kedi. But Kitt doesn’t want Kedi dead. Thuli then comes up with a plan which will put Kedi in jail instead.

Meanwhile, Duma is being tortured by Draganov. To rescue him, Kitt and Xolani have to get tonnes of money in 24 hours.  And if they don’t, Draganov will murder Duma.

While Kitt and Xolani are busy planning to rescue Duma, Draganov kidnaps Kedi as an insurance.

Will Draganov murder Duma? And Will Bra X rescue his wife from Draganov?

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