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Why is Kedi nice to Neo?

Lwazi Mluma |
6 March 2017

She tells Neo that she’s her favourite Sparrow member and offers unsolicited advice. Hustle, Mondays at 9:30PM. 

Kedi is never nice. Not unless she has a hidden agenda. So when she summons Neo into her office to talk about her career and tells her that she’s her favourite Sparrow, we’re a little suspicious. Even though she does it all with a ‘genuine’ smile.

When Neo tells Kedi it’s been hard to write, she advises her on creativity. She even gives her a shortlist of songs from Slayza’s archives. We definitely smell a rat here.

Meanwhile, she bars Kitt from Slayza and cancels her contract. Wait a minute! Wasn’t it Kitt’s musical genius that saved the company from a financial fall?


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