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SA star Kitt Khambule breaks down in radio interview

Lwazi Mluma |
23 September 2016

In what started as a fun and light interview with DJ Smash Afrika on YFM, ended up with the legendary musician in tears.

It all went sour when a journalist called in, condemning Kitt’s comeback concert as stupidity and desperation.

He went on and counted all the superstar’s previous failures.

“Well, quite a surprise,” he said. “A for effort after your last concert which didn’t go so well and your reality show which crashed and burned,” he continued.

This didn’t sit well with the talented musician. She started shouting and cursing the caller out.

She accused journos of hurting celebrities, family and fans. She then broke down and cried, saying she was never down and out.

“I am back. I am still standing and I am going to continue standing. But, continue writing my brother because you’re messed up anyway,” she said.

A YFM employee who didn’t want to be named, said Kitt looked high on drugs.

Kitt did not confirm the drug accusation.

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