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5 Questions with Pabi Moloi

28 August 2015
5 Questions with Pabi Moloi

Ekse: Zwakala host Pabi Moloi talks about showbiz and what she loves most about herself.  

Pabi Moloi is an inspiration to all women. Just before ‘Women’s Month’ ends, we ask the Ekse: Zwakala host to share some of her wisdom by completing these 5 sentences.  

1. Instead of answering more questions on my weight, I’d rather…
Let other girls and women know how all of this is an inside job. The process of letting go of unhealthy relationships, unhealthy limiting beliefs and bad habits is the process it takes to make positive changes. 

2. If I could speak to my 15-year-old self, I’d tell her…
That it's all going to be okay!

3. To all the young women struggling out there, I want you to know…
Everybody has struggles. You're worthy of taking yourself seriously enough to ask for help and keep moving forward!

4. Before you pursue a career in showbiz, you should know…
There is very little glamour in showbiz. You will have to work at a breakneck pace and intensity. Sometimes you are the perfect candidate for the job and you won't get it. Get comfortable with judgment, rejection, stupid people and high expectations. If you don't get a thrill from the job itself, don’t do show business.

5. The five things I like most about myself are:  
1.  I like that I am committed to self-development.
2. I like that I am resilient.
3. I like to laugh and to make people laugh.
4. I like my eyes.
5. I like that I never stop striving for more.

Pabi shares more of her personal experiences on Ekse: Zwakala every Tuesday and Wednesday at 5:30PM.