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Take our sex quiz!

22 March 2013
Safe sex quiz

How much do you know about safe sex? Do you know more than Scandal!'s Dintle and Scelo. Take our quiz and beat their score!

Scandal!'s Dintle and Scelo didn’t practice safe sex and now they find themselves in trouble. Their lives have changed forever – Dintle might have to compromise her studies and Scelo is going to be a young father.

With the soaring teenage pregnancy statistics across the country it’s clear that South Africa’s teenagers are sexually active and they are not using protection. This could be because they don’t have enough knowledge about safe sex or that they are being pressured by peers to engage in sexual activity before they are ready.

Take our quiz to test your knowledge!

1. Do birth control pills protect you against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)?
a) No
b) I’m not sure
c) Sometimes
d) Yes

2. Which birth control is 100% effective?
a) Condoms
b) The Pill
c) Abstinence
d) Female condoms

3. How many schoolgirls in South Africa fall pregnant each year?
b) 5000
c) 45000
d) 10000

4. Movies portray sex as it really is in real life.
a) Sometimes
b) I’m not sure
c) No, they never use birth control

5. Can my peers tell that I’m a virgin?
a) Yes you can tell whether someone is experienced or not when it comes to sex
b) Sometimes
c) Never
d) Not really

6. You can’t get pregnant when you…
a) have sex during your period
b) do it in a hot tub
c) if you’re having sex for the first time
d) You can get pregnant anytime you have sex

7. Which one of these STDs is curable?
a) Hepatitis B
b) HIV
c) Gonorrhea
d) Herpes 

8. Guys get terrible pain down there if you get them worked up but don’t have sex with them.
a) I’m not sure
b) So what?
c) Yes, but it goes away quickly and they won’t die

9. All STDs have symptoms.
a) True
b) I don’t know
c) Not all of them
d) Of course!

10. Is oral sex safe sex?
a) Only when it comes to preventing pregnancy, you can still get STDs
b) I’m not sure
c) Definitely

11. If you love your girlfriend/ boyfriend, you’ll have sex with them.
a) Of course
b) No, sex has nothing to do with love
c) Yes, otherwise he’ll dump me
d) No, being in-love doesn’t mean I’m ready for sex

12. The ‘withdrawal method’ or when a guy withdraws before he ‘comes’ during sex...
a) Prevents pregnancy
b) Prevents STDs
c) Does not prevent STDs or pregnancy


Tune into Scandal! next week at 7:30pm to see what happens next in Dintle and Scelo’s lives!

Answers: 1= a, 2 = c, 3=c, 4=c, 5=c, 6=d, 7=c, 8=c, 9=c, 10=a, 11=d, 12=c