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Watch Clint Brink’s new music video

8 March 2013
Clint Brink

We bet you didn’t know Scandal!’s Tino is also a talented musician! The multi-talented actor, producer and singer-songwriter just launched his new single "All I Have to Give".

Reality Show is Clint's first solo album and it's already garnering favourable reviews. Journalist Mpho Tshikhudo gave the album a positive review saying, “as a singer-songwriter Clint’s street-cred is evident.”

This is not Clint’s first foray into music, he’s been working closely with artists like Flabba from Swawtta Kamp and Euphonik, and his first single “Can’t Face Another Day” reached number 1 on the GHFM charts. 

You can listen to a preview of Reality Show here, and watch the music video for the single "All I Have to Give" below:

If you’re in Cape Town this weekend, you can have the chance to meet Clint as he tours the city as part of the e.tv eKasi Tours.