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Pearl talks life after Scandal!

Samantha Kambule, Graye Morkel |
1 March 2013


We watched as Kefilwe seduced Mangi and stirred things up at NFH, and we couldn’t have chosen a better actress to bring this temperamental character to life. 25-year-old Pearl Modiadie from Tembisa made her TV debut in 2006 when she landed a presenting gig on Sistahood. With no acting experience, Pearl made the transition from child star to soap star, and that’s besides the other titles she holds! Pearl is also a producer, writer and a radio host. Despite her departure from Scandal! Pearl plans on kicking her acting career into overdrive. 
Viewers can still catch Pearl on the YFM Breakfast Show from 6AM – 9AM or read her column, The Last Word in Soul Magazine.   
Why acting?

Acting has always been an interest of mine. After pursuing TV and radio presenting, I asked myself what I could do next - ultimately acting came up.  I never attended any acting classes but that didn’t stop me from auditioning for roles.  

Tell us more about your character, is it a challenging role?
I play a young female in her 20s called Kefilwe. She is feisty, seductive, bitchy and has no morals. She is brought into the NFH Empire to ruffle a few feathers and seduce the CEO, Mangi Nyathi. Understanding Kefilwe and her mannerism was challenging. I also had to deal with my own insecurities of working with seasoned performers.

What are the similarities and differences between you and Kefilwe?
We are similar in our ambition and standing up for ourselves. However, we differ in terms of her lack of morals and using her body to get ahead.

What’s next for you?
I plan to work on my acting career in the coming years. I will audition more and I plan on approaching casting directors to put myself out there. Currently I write a column for Soul magazine called the Last Word, I would like to expand this and write for other publications.

Quick facts:

- I’m a loner and single but I greatly enjoy my space.

- I cry a lot. I cry when I’m happy, sad and when watching movie. Titanic and The Pursuit of Happiness are some of the movies that drove me to tears.

- I’m the middle child and have two sisters.

- I’m scared of heights, so I would never go bungee jumping.

- I spend a lot of money on books and magazines. My favourite book at the moment is Eye Bags and Dimples by Bonnie Henna.