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Kefilwe and Mangi’s Toxic Love Affair

Graye Morkel |
28 February 2013


Will Mangi take the necessary steps to get his life back on track or will he lose everything?     

Mangi’s life is slowly unraveling at the seams as he continues his dysfunctional relationship with drug addict, Kefilwe. Will Mangi take the necessary steps to get his life back on track or will he lose everything?     

In earlier weeks we saw how Mangi’s relationship with Kefilwe started to influence his position as CEO. Due to Kefilwe’s manipulative ways, Mangi missed an extremely important meeting with NFH bigwigs and Mangi’s ability to run the company was questioned.

Director of Cape Town Drug Counseling Centres, Ashley Potts explains, “A key indicator that you are in a toxic relationship is that the user’s needs will at all times be highlighted as a priority. The pre-occupation of the drug leaves the partner often stranded and the user forgets and often misses appointments.”

When first exposed to Kefilwe’s drug habit, Mangi, a recovering drug addict is outraged. Kefilwe assured Mangi that she is not addicted to drugs and will do anything to salvage their relationship. But is there really something as a recreational drug user?

Jenni Wanting, Managing Director of Drug, Assessment, Rehabilitation, Education says, “A lot of substances are illegal and to use it recreationally you are only putting yourself at risk for addiction. When we look at alcohol, there is such a thing as responsible drinking but the amount of alcohol abuse in our society indicates that there are very few people who can drink responsibly.” 

With their relationship on the rocks, the devious Kefilwe assured Mangi that her drug addiction is a thing of the past. But poor deluded Mangi had no idea of the trouble that lay ahead… 

If you find yourself in a situation where your partner is using drugs, “Do not just accept their word that they are seeking help,” says Potts. “You need to set deadlines and sooner rather than later. Set boundaries and stick to them. You have to remain firm and insist on going with them to the treatment centre. Watch out for empty promises as the nature of the user or addict is to lie and or manipulate.”

Following the news of Ruby’s possible pregnancy and a heated confrontation with Quinton, Mangi is completely distraught. He rushed to the hotel and his attention turned to the mini bar fridge. When Kefilwe arrived, Mangi is determined to forget about the happenings of the day and when she produced the merchandise, Mangi willingly partook. 

Wanting explains that there are many reasons for a recovering addict to relapse, “Any recovering addict can have their triggers such as association with old friends, stress, trauma or too much disposable income. Some people reward themselves and forget how bad things were and they think that they will use the drug one last time.”

Mangi’s loved ones have become very concerned about his irate behavior and Eddie threatens a strung-out Mangi with extreme action if he does not clean up his act. Will Mangi chose to save his career or continue down this path of self-destruction?

* If you suspect that someone close to is using drugs, speak out and do not carry the burden alone. You can call Cape Town Drug Counseling Centre on 021 4478026 and book a thorough assessment so as to assist the user and addict as well as yourself with tools towards recovery.  Alternatively, if you find yourself in an unhealthy relationship contact The Family Life Centre in Johannesburg at 011 788 4784/5 or 078 363 4756.


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